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IVS-0001 Clonal Control DNA
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Product Name Cat. No. Size Price Qty.
IVS-0001 Clonal Control DNA* 4-088-0010 100 ul Login
30% IVS-0001 Clonal Control DNA 4-088-0020 100 ul Login
20% IVS-0001 Clonal Control DNA 4-088-0030 100 ul Login
10% IVS-0001 Clonal Control DNA 4-088-0040 100 ul Login
5% IVS-0001 Clonal Control DNA 4-088-0050 100 ul Login
1% IVS-0001 Clonal Control DNA 4-088-0060 100 ul Login
Sensitivity Panel - IVS-0001 Clonal Control DNA 4-086-0010 Each Login
All of our DNA controls are adjusted to a final concentration of 200 ug/ml in 1/10 TE (1mM Tris-HCl (pH8.0), 0.1mM EDTA). This diluent provides sufficient buffering capacity and EDTA to protect the DNA controls without interfering with the Mg concentrations required for robust amplification reactions.

Sensitivity controls, including the sensitivity controls contained in our Sensitivity and Proficiency Panels, are made from (v/v) dilutions of Clonal Control DNA into normal polyclonal genomic DNA isolated from human tonsil, IVS-0000 Polyclonal Control DNA, cat# 4-092-0010.*

* These products are General Purpose Reagents (GPRs).
All other products are sold FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY; not for use in diagnostic procedures. Click to read more