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T Cell Receptor Gamma Gene Rearrangement Assay 2.0 - ABI Fluorescence Detection
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T Cell Receptor Gamma Gene Rearrangement Assay 2.0 - ABI Fluorescence Detection 1-207-0101
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Product Uses
Historically, T Cell Receptor Gamma Chain Gene Rearrangement Assays have been used to:
  1. Identify clonality highly suggestive of T-cell and some immature B-cell malignancies
  2. Determine lineage involvement in mature lymphoproliferative disorders
  3. Monitor and evaluate disease recurrence
InVivoScribe Technologies' assay are standardized PCR-based tests. Each test comes with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), an interpretation guide, master mixes, and controls. Master mixes are composed of a buffered magnesium solution, deoxynucleotides, and multiple primers that target the gene segments of interest. Multiple primers are used to ensure a more comprehensive testing approach necessary to reliably identify clonal rearrangements. These tests are complete with the exception of Taq DNA Polymerase, which is not provided. A single thermocycler program and similar detection methods are used within each series of test to improve consistency, reduce human error, and facilitate cross training.

Standard Protocol. Click to read more
NOTICE: Invivoscribe’s T Cell Receptor Gamma Gene Rearrangement Assay 2.0 represents an improved approach to PCR-based clonality testing of T-cell lymphoproliferative disorders. This assay was optimized using a single amplification reaction with a single fluorescent dye for detection. Amplified products generated targeting the TCR gamma gene locus all fall within a single size range to facilitate interpretation.

BACKGROUND: The human TCR gamma gene locus on chromosome 7 (7q14) includes 14 V genes (6 of these V genes are functional; 3 open reading frames, and 5 pseudogenes) belonging to 4 subgroups (Group I, II, III, and IV), 5 J segments, and 2 C genes spread over 200 kilobases. The diversity of this locus has complicated PCR-based testing. This multiplex PCR assay represents an improvement over existing assays as it can detect the vast majority of TCR gamma gene rearrangements with a single multiplex master mix. Importantly, this assay includes primers for all known groups of TCR gamma variable region genes and joining region genes involved in rearrangements in T-cell lymphomas. In addition, all labeled primers are conjugated with the 6FAM fluorophore. The assay provides rapid TCRG clonality assessment in 4-6 hours.

Our single multiplex master mix targets all conserved regions within the variable (V) and the joining (J) region genes that are described in lymphoid malignancies. Click to read more
Specimen Requirements
This product tests genomic DNA. DNA can be extracted from the following specimens:
  1. 5cc of peripheral blood, bone marrow biopsy, or bone marrow aspirate anti-coagulated with heparin or EDTA; OR,
  2. Minimum 5mm cube of tissue; OR,
  3. 100 ng of genomic DNA; OR,
  4. Formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue or slides.
Materials Provided
QTY Description
1 5% TCRG Positive Control DNA*
1 TCRG Negative Control DNA
1 Specimen Control Size Ladder - 6FAM

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